Delivery Options


SAVE 10 CENTS PER GALLON by allowing us to manage your propane deliveries. How you take delivery of your propane directly affects our efficiency. Our Automatic Delivery plan computes your usage, and deliveries are made when the tank is around 25%. This allows us to route our trucks most efficiently, and in return we pass the savings on to you. Automatic Delivery requires an approved open account, which must be kept current to ensure uninterrupted deliveries. Contracted gallons delivered on automatic fill status will be delivered at the contract rate. Should your account go past due for any reason, your deliveries will be suspended and you will be removed from automatic delivery. Automatic deliveries tend to be larger so keep in mind we offer a Budget Plan to help manage your heating expenses.


SAVE 10 CENTS PER GALLON AND SPREAD YOUR HEATING BILL OUT OVER 12 MONTHS. Take advantage of all the benefits of Automatic Delivery with the convenience of an even monthly payment. The Budget Plan begins in June of each year, and works like an escrow account. Your budget payment amount is calculated on your past usage and projected winter prices. Your account will be audited regularly to prevent large overpayments or underpayments from accumulating. Your budget patments may be adjusted due to unexpected changes in usage or propane prices (severe cold weather, etc.). It is very important that your payments be prompt and consistent since this is a premium service we are providing without interest or service charges. Should you miss a budget payment for any reason, your deliveries will be suspended and you will be removed from Budget Billing. This results in your entire account balance being due immediately. You will not be eligible to return to Budget Billing until the following season.

Rogers propane truck


A few of our customers prefer to monitor their own tanks. If you choose this delivery option, you are responsible for checking your tank gauge and notifying us before it reaches 20%. Your delivery will then be coordinated with the weekly delivery day in your area. With a minimum of 20% remaining in your tank, you will have ample gas until you reveive your delivery. If we do not have sufficient notice, or should you run out of propane and need a special delivery, a service charge will be assessed. (see Out of Gas for service charges)

C.B.D. – (payment before delivery)

Same description applies as Will-Call customer except payment must be made prior to delivery. You have the option of making payments throughout the month to build up credit toward your next delivery.


We require 24-hour notice on all propane orders. An additional service charge will be assessed for immediate deliveries. If your tank is out, you will also be subject to leak test fees. Please watch your gauge closely. We do not want you to run out! Customers who continue to allow the tanks to run out will be subject to having their service terminated. Unscheduled & Emergency delivery fees do not apply to Automatic Delivery or Automatic Delivery with Budget Plan customers unless deliveries have been suspended due to non-payment of account.


In the unfortunate event that you should run out of propane: Shut off the gas valve on the propane tank; shut valves off to all gas appliances, and contact us for refueling. If an outage occurs, your family or property could be at risk. Therefore, safety procedures must be performed. We require that with any Out of Gas situation, you or another responsible adult be at your home at the time of delivery. We CANNOT make an Out of Gas delivery without complete access to your entire propane system. A leak test will be performed, and at your request, we can light your pilots.